Curriculum & Assessment Specialist

Audrey Wittry
Curriculum & Assessment Specialist

Audrey Wittry, Coordinator of Data Management

(715) 261-1976

Audrey has a Master of Arts in Education (2004) and a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership (2015).  Her Wisconsin certification includes:  (5010) Director of Instruction, (5051) Principal, and (1088) Middle/Elementary Level Education.  Audrey was an elementary and middle school teacher from 2001-2014, and transitioned to Marathon County Special Education in 2014.

As Curriculum and Assessment Specialist for Marathon County Special Education, Audrey:

  • Guides educators to access, analyze, and understand student, school, and district data.
  • Demonstrates methods of using data to make instructional decisions.
  • Organizes online resource libraries to improve differentiation.
  • Researches data-related trends of curriculum and instructional practices.
  • Provides assessment literacy, support, and training.
  • Delivers data coaching relative to the RtI/MTSS process.
  • Offers support for cooperative teaching and collaboration between special education and general education teachers.